Charm Bracelet Online – Your Ultimate guide to creating a Customised Charm Bracelet

Good Memories are like charms each is special, you collect them one by one, until one day you look back and discover, they make a long colorful bracelet

James Patterson

Creating a charm bracelet online has become extremely easy because of the myriad of choices available today. So what is exactly a charm bracelet? Charm bracelets are more than just a piece of jewellery. They are an extension of who you truly are and one can shop for charm bracelets for good luck, to remember a memorable event, or even gift it to someone they love.

Charm bracelets can tell many stories and there is no hard and fast rule on how to create one as long as the charms express who you truly are as a person or express something meaningful about the person to whom it is being gifted. Need some help in deciding where to start? 

The two most popular ways of wearing charms are :

Bracelet Charms 

Women love receiving personalized gifts and charm bracelets for women are a great way to make them feel special. Bracelet charms have been the most popular choice for many years because it’s so easy to build a story around a circular bracelet, You have room to add many different tiny charms or birthstones and create a piece of jewellery that is truly unique. Whether its a graduation, wedding, birthday, or a motivational bracelet, bracelet charms give you the freedom to combine and create something priceless.

Bracelet Charm

Pendant Charms 

If you prefer something sleek and tiny, but you still want to personalize it without adding too many elements to your piece of jewellery, pendant charms are perfect. One or two unique charms can be added to your chain giving you a subtle look but still symbolizing who you truly are as a person. 

What metals are popularly used in Charm Bracelets?

The next step now that you have decided on the type of charm is to decide on the base metal. Charms look amazing on a silver or gold tone but can always go for a gold plated one if you’re on a budget. Silver charm bracelets are very popular because of the relatively lower cost compared to gold charms but still hold an intrinsic value. 

Silver Charm Bracelet 

Sterling silver charm bracelets are made in 925 Silver, which basically means, 92.5% of the metal used is silver, and the rest 7.5% is copper or another base metal. All jewellery that carries a stamp of 925 recognized by a government body can be trusted. There are a lot of companies who claim to use sterling silver but the purity level will be compromised. So, always look for the 925 Silver Stamp and also ensure its been certified by a trusted source. 

silver charm bracelet

Gold Charm Bracelet 

Bracelet Charms can also be made with 14K Gold or 18K Gold. In 18K Gold, 75% of the metal used is gold and the rest 25% is either copper or another metal. In 14K Gold, around 60% of the metal used is gold and the rest can either be copper, nickel, or another base metal. Both these metal bases can be used to create wonderful charms giving you a nice royal look. 

gold charm bracelet

Plated Charms

If you’re looking for a charm bracelet that is budget friendly and not made of a precious metal, you can browse through an amazing website that gives you the opportunity to build a charm,

How to make your own charm bracelet online?

Now, that you have decided on the type of charm and the metal, you can customize your charms for yourself or your loved one based on the occasion. 

Milestone Charms

We all have different milestones in life and the most important ones are when we graduate school, college or get our first job. Not to forget when you get married or welcome a new born into your family. All these milestones call for something special, something that will remind you of these beautiful memories. A milestone charm is the perfect way to brighten someone’s milestone days or if you just want to mark these days in your life, why not give a charm to yourself and create a stunning bracelet or pendant charm. How about a good luck charm for your first job or a rattle charm for a mother who has just given birth? You can also engrave a date onto a pendant to remember a special day. The options are endless and to make it look colourful you can always add a birthstone charm. 

Special Occasions 

Why not celebrate a festival with a personalized charm bracelet? Whether it’s christmas, diwali, or rakhi, you can always customize a bracelet with different charms like a christmas tree charm , firecracker charm, or even a rakhi charm. Show off your love for your spouse with an anniversary charm or make someone’s birthday special with a date pendant. Print a photograph onto a tiny charm to remind you of your loved one wherever you go. These occasions are special for a reason. They are meant to be remembered forever. Why not celebrate it with a meaningful charm?

Motivational Charms

We all have our bad days or difficult times in life, why not get yourself a personalised engraved charm to remind you or your loved one of how strong they truly are. Let your charm bracelet be your inspiration. Stay calm and positive with an “I will survive” charm or ward of negativity with an “evil eye” bracelet. If you like a positive word or statement you can also engrave that on a bracelet or pendant. 

The No 1 rule of a charm bracelet is it must express who you truly are

Choose a charm that symbolizes who you truly are and the things that you are passionate about. An avid artist can get a  palette pendant charm for the, a music lover can create a musical instrument pendant charm, or maybe a camera charm for aspiring photographers and if you love semi-precious stones you can create a gemstone charm bracelet. Building your charm bracelet is an exciting and fulfilling experience. Instead of buying all the charms that you like in just one go, do it one-by-one. Make it special and tell your story with your charm bracelet. There is an endless variety of charms you can create from yoga charms, to just for fun charms. All you need to do is have some patience and know what you really love and you can create something meaningful and worthwhile. 

This Girls charm bracelet is a perfect gift for a teenager.

Charm bracelets are loved by kids, young girls, and women. From disney charms to milestone charms, and alphabet charms to inspirational charms, the possibilities are endless. Oh and how can we forget charm bracelets for girlfriends and best friends? These relationships are fun, beautiful and so special that you are always looking for personalized gifts ideas for her/him that signifies your special bond. Charm bracelets are the perfect gift because of the level of customization and personalization that is available. It’s truly special and the receiver will be thrilled to see the effort and thought that was put into choosing each charm.

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